Jeremy Brayton

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

Woodstock, Georgia, US
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I am an accomplished full-stack web developer with over 12 years of expertise. Skilled in several web platforms and technologies, highly focused on workflow efficiency to improve productivity and quality. Ability to quickly adapt to new approaches and solve complicated problems using succinct solutions. A demonstrated track record of producing successful online applications as a Senior Software Engineer at The reThinkGroup, Inc. Strong communicator and facilitator, capable of establishing productive working relationships with product teams and engineering partners to ensure project success. Passionate about teamwork and mentoring, committed to enabling and developing others to attain their highest potential.

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  • The reThink Group, Inc.

    Senior Software Engineer
    • Pioneered foundational JSON REST API in Laravel, utilized by critical systems like Sage 300 warehouse management and Shopify e-commerce storefront, averaging 100,000 daily requests.
    • Established secure payment processing with, averaging 6500 monthly transactions.
    • Improved product subscriptions by leveraging Stripe subscription webhooks and Laravel Nova, processing $415,000 in under 36 months.
    • Strengthened the Orange Materials website written in Laravel and Vue.js by utilizing S3-compatible CDN for streaming and downloads on Digital Ocean Spaces, decreasing page loads from 5 seconds to 300 milliseconds.
    • Designed automated testing and deployment strategies, incorporating Gitlab CI with customized Docker containers to diminish execution times from 4 minutes to under 1 minute.
    • Overhauled the archiving process for content distribution, shrinking wait times from 45 minutes to under a few minutes.
    • Achieved cost savings by optimizing the usage of Google's Geocoding API, reducing monthly expenses from $650 to within the free tier usage limits.
    • Engineered robust integrations between Confluence, Jira, Gitlab, and Slack, enabling comprehensive documentation and ameliorating error alert response times.
    • Fortified events text messaging service, sending thousands of messages to attendees for ten days of the annual conference.
    • Tempered REST APIs through integration and regression testing in PHPUnit and Pest to alleviate the impact of outages and breaking changes.
    • Spearheaded essential synchronization services between foundational API, critical systems, and third-party services such as HubSpot.
  • INTOUCH Interactive

    Senior Software Engineer
    • Produced customer kiosk systems as HTML5 single-page applications to lessen load times, using PHP via the WAMP stack.
    • Assembled REST services for POS devices like receipt printers and barcode scanners.
    • Formulated REST services as proxies for external functions like weather forecasting, simplifying the interface, and facilitating the transition to new providers.
    • Improved Flash content resiliency in SiteKiosk via robust JavaScript error handling, lowering trouble ticket frequency.
    • Composed an automated deployment suite to distribute deliverables from servers to client machines, minimizing errors of manual deploys.
    • Revamped the build process to enable 1-click reproducible builds, reducing manual workload and potential errors.
    • Transformed code repositories from Subversion to Git, utilizing submodules for dependency isolation and decreasing the frequency of unstable builds.
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  • Computer Science Bachelor (Incomplete)

    Southern Polytechnic State University
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  • Technical
    HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Elixir, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Frameworks
    Phoenix Framework, Laravel, Vue.js, React, Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap
  • Techniques
    Agile Web Development, CI / CD, Cloud computing, Containerization, Global E-commerce, Monitoring and alerting, Payments, Responsive web design, Subscriptions, Test automation, Web metrics
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  • Pluralsight SkillIQ
    Ruby Language Fundamentals, Building Web Apps with Ruby On Rails, Building Web Apps with Vue, Building Web Applications Wìth React, Developing Websites for Accessibility, Web Application Security, ES6, Redux, MongoDB
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  • Video games
  • Comedy
  • Soccer
  • Music
  • Anime
  • Time travel
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Jeremy is extremely intelligent and very knowledgeable. He is constantly evolving and improving his skills as a Software Engineer. You could call him a jack of all trades but I would consider him an ace of all trades in the software development life cycle. He is always one of the hardest workers in the room. His work ethic is second to none. Also, he is quiet, level-headed, humble, and always willing to help any level of developer. I would recommend him to any development team.

- Tyler Dotson

Jeremy is an extremely bright and capable person. He consistently steps up to take on tough development challenges and his focus on work is outstanding. Jeremy's development skills are very senior and I can easily recommend him for his ability to push through important projects.

- Bryan (Andy) Weaver