Over 6 years as a web developer, a .NET developer, and including over 10 years as a Systems Administrator specializing in full stack development across a multitude of platforms and technologies. Constantly evaluating developer workflow efficiency to improve code quality and introduce less mistakes. Honing the ability to decipher new methodologies to discover their proper fit in the developer's tool belt. Solving complex problems with purposeful code with an emphasis on elegance whenever possible. Intensely focused on team success by helping everyone become more productive.


  • The reThink Group, Inc.

    Software Engineer
    • Created API for single sign-on capabilities utilizing Laravel, JWT, and documented via Swagger.
    • Contributed minor improvements to a few F/OSS projects uncovered through their implementation.
    • Crafted API to process all customer payments and secure sensitive customer information in's Customer Information Manager, utilizing the Slim Framework with the Eloquent ORM and documented via Swagger.
    • Implemented a front-end CMS using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript tied to a legacy API in PHP.
    • Produced account management API to create new users and synchronize logins via a one-way sync to WordPress.
    • Revitalized archiving process for content delivery, eliminating upwards of 45 minutes of waiting per action.
    • Repurposed long running browser-initiated scripts as locking cron jobs.
    • Constructed vagrant templates to virtualize key infrastructure utilizing to streamline configuration and provisioning.
    • Migrated a subset of the subversion repositories to git utilizing svnsync and svn2git to retain complete history.
    • Scoured iOS application code for used API endpoints to aid in prioritizing changes.
  • INTOUCH Interactive

    Senior Software Engineer
    • Enhanced client kiosk applications in WPF utilizing POS equipment.
    • Created deployment suite to handle distribution of deliverables to client machines.
    • Implemented client kiosk applications using an internal lightweight framework built in PHP, heavily leveraging jQuery.
    • Migrated code repositories from Subversion to Git, utilizing submodules to properly segregate dependencies.
    • Established one-click build scripts to simplify and automate the deployment process.
  • INTOUCH Interactive

    Software Engineer
    • Crafted WCF services to prepare JSON data for kiosk applications in Adobe Flash.
    • Utilized jQuery knowledge to enhance resiliency of Flash content with SiteKiosk.
    • Integrated SQL Server database synchronization utilizing Microsoft Sync Framework 2.1.
    • Supported front-end developers utilizing PHP for client kiosk applications.
    • Created independent modules for POS support.
  • Matchbox Mobile

    Software Engineer
    • Produced a Windows Phone 7 application utilizing the rear and front-facing cameras to paint a resulting image. Commissioned by Microsoft as a port of the ipad2 version.
    • Corrected a Windows Phone 7 application designing avatars which had problems passing marketplace performance and behavioral requirements.
  • Swerdlin & Company

    Software Engineer
    • Maintained call center application.
    • Integrated a Windows service that pushed TAPI line monitoring off client machines and onto servers where calls were already being monitored.
    • Produced administrative interface used by IT to manage configuration parameters.
    • Replaced an Excel VBA macro with a WPF application that processed timesheet files for billing and payroll.
    • Updated a secure file transfer application for important client documents via a Silverlight version that introduced bulk transfers and a streamlined interface.
    • Migrated critical daily trading legacy projects from VB6 to .NET4 in C#/WPF.
  • Omega HR Solutions, Inc.

    Systems Administrator, I/T Specialist
    • Developed custom applications in C# to automate various manual processes.
    • Maintained legacy ASP website and reconstructed in ASP.NET MVC.
    • Established disaster recovery solution for critical services using VBScript then migrating to PowerShell version 2.
    • Supported Sage SalesLogix CRM versions 4.0 through 7.5.2.
    • Created Windows domain and integrating services for a network of over 16 computers.


  • CodeSchool Certifications

    • Rails for Zombies Redux
    • JavaScript Road Trip Part 1
    • Discover DevTools
    • Try Ruby
    • Try Git
    • Ruby Bits
    • Front-end Foundations
    • Front-end Formations
    • Real Time Web with Node.js
    • JavaScript Road Trip Part 2
    • Try jQuery
    • CoffeeScript
    • Try Ember
  • Web Development

    • HTML5
    • Javascript
    • CSS
    • jQuery
    • Bootstrap
    • Bower
    • Gulp
    • Node.js
    • WCF
    • IIS
    • Apache
    • MySQL
    • PHP
    • Slim Framework
    • Laravel
    • XML
  • Software

    • JetBrains WebStorm
    • JetBrains PHPStorm
    • Microsoft Visual Studio
    • Microsoft Expression Blend
    • Git
    • Mercurial
    • Subversion
    • Vagrant
    • Virtual Box
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Gitflow
    • JIRA


  • Computer Science Bachelor (Incomplete)

    Southern Polytechnic State University


  • Windows Store development

  • Windows Phone development

  • Xbox game development

  • Time travel

  • Music

  • Drifting


  • Tyler Dotson

    Jeremy is extremely intelligent and very knowledgeable. He is constantly evolving and improving his skills as a Software Engineer. You could call him a jack of all trades but I would consider him an ace of all trades in the software development life cycle. He is always one of the hardest workers in the room. His work ethic is second to none. Also, he is quiet, level-headed, humble, and always willing to help any level of developer. I would recommend him to any development team.