Jeremy Brayton

Lead Full Stack Software Engineer

Woodstock, Georgia, US
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  • Demonstrated professional, agency-tested experience.
  • Tailored results for E-commerce and SaaS for scalability.
  • Crafted robust APIs and seamless integrations.
  • Promoted solutions guided by insightful data analysis.

As a proficient partner, I thrive on collective accomplishments, prioritize customer-driven results over perfection, and embrace challenges head-on. I foster strong team relationships by leveraging my domain knowledge to mentor as a subject matter expert, removing obstacles, and ensuring quality across diverse internal systems. Let's explore how I can contribute to your continued success.

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  • Yard Management Solutions

    Lead Software Engineer
    • Rectified a critical issue involving foreign key types, preventing data truncation and enabling seamless scaling for large datasets. Following an in-depth data modeling analysis and creating a detailed ERD of the application.
    • Resolved numerous critical performance bugs in the mission-critical logistics app with 500+ daily users, ensuring system stability.
    • Improved developer onboarding processes and promoted self-service approaches to reduce pairing for local setup. Extensive documentation on integrating dependencies such as AWS S3, automated testing setup, and troubleshooting.
    • Collaborated cross-functionally, conducted rigorous code reviews, and enhanced testing processes, improving coding standards and reducing the bugs reaching QA.
    • Explored new technologies such as Laravel Pulse insights and Laravel Reverb websockets server, including queue-based event broadcasting for improved resiliency over critical 3rd party dependencies.
  • The reThink Group, Inc.

    Senior Software Engineer
    • Spearheaded the development of a foundational JSON REST API in PHP and Laravel, pivotal for critical systems such as Sage 300 warehouse management and Shopify e-commerce, managing an average of 100,000 daily requests, serving 40,000 churches and 180,000 users.
    • Innovated cohesive integration strategies with third-party APIs (Shopify, Stripe, HubSpot), leveraging polling or webhooks utilizing ETL methodologies to synchronize data between disparate systems, resulting in streamlined processing times and improved data consistency.
    • Streamlined credential identification within applications by utilizing Elixir and the Phoenix Framework with LiveView, facilitating swift rotation of compromised secrets across a network of 136 virtual private servers and 187 sites.
    • Revitalized SKU generation for Sage 300, integrating a RESTful JSON API in Elixir and the Phoenix Framework with React components for diverse platform embedding, including Shopify themes.
    • Integrated secure payment processing through, overseeing 6,500 monthly transactions totaling $20 million in revenue.
    • Introduced premium product subscriptions utilizing Stripe webhooks, processing over 8,000 transactions and generating $415,000 within 36 months.
    • Strengthened the Orange Materials website (PHP, Laravel, Laravel Nova, Vue.js) by implementing S3 CDN on Digital Ocean Spaces, resulting in a substantial decrease in page load times from 5 seconds to 300 milliseconds.
    • Engineered automated testing and deployment strategies with Gitlab Continuous Integration and customized Docker containers, reducing execution times from 4 minutes to under 1 minute.
  • INTOUCH Interactive

    Senior Software Engineer
    • Developed customer kiosk systems as HTML5 single-page applications, utilizing PHP and JavaScript (jQuery) in the WAMP stack to reduce load times.
    • Assembled REST services for POS devices such as receipt printers and barcode scanners.
    • Formulated REST services as proxies for external functions such as weather forecasting, simplifying interfaces and facilitating transitions to different providers.
    • Composed an automated deployment suite, minimizing errors of manual deploys when distributing deliverables from servers to client machines.
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  • Computer Science Bachelor (Incomplete)

    Southern Polytechnic State University
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  • Technical
    HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Elixir, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Frameworks
    Phoenix Framework, Laravel, Vue.js, React, Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap
  • Techniques
    Agile Web Development, CI / CD, Cloud computing, Containerization, Global E-commerce, Monitoring and alerting, Responsive web design, Payments, Subscriptions, Test automation, Web metrics
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  • Pluralsight SkillIQ
    Ruby Language Fundamentals, Building Web Apps with Ruby On Rails, Building Web Applications Wìth React, Developing Websites for Accessibility, Web Application Security, ES6, Redux, MongoDB
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  • Video games
  • Comedy
  • Music
  • Time travel
  • Anime
  • Soccer
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If I were tasked with assembling the software engineering avengers to save the world, Jeremy Brayton would undoubtedly be at the top of my list.

Simply put, Jeremy is a prodigy, a wiz kid, a top of the food chain software engineer. He is an extremely talented and skilled individual in all areas of the software development lifecycle from requirements gathering, architecting solutions, developing those solutions, automated regression testing, to deployment, and implementing tools to keep status of security and production bugs. He asks the right questions, thinks about flexible and extendible solutions that maximizes his productivity. His level of software engineering has elevated into the abstract that allows him to rapidly pick up a language or design paradigm and become an expert after the first documentation review. On top of all that, Jeremy is a great team member. He's very pleasant and fun to work alongside.

If you are looking for a founding software engineer or a principal developer to join your team, look no further. His contributions will make your vision manifest into reality and take your team to the next level. Snatch him up immediately because there is only one Jeremy Brayton.

- Tyler Dotson, Principal Full Stack JavaScript Developer

Jeremy is one of the best engineers I've ever had the privilege of working alongside. I've seen him take charge on all sorts of projects and carry them through to the end. Many times I saw him take less than ideal requirements and fight for project clarity and unity among the development team. He's cooperative and extremely helpful, but also knows how to push back and challenge assumptions when it's necessary.

During our time working together, Jeremy built projects from scratch, systematically tackle legacy code, save the company from potential security catastrophes, and demonstrate great character throughout it all.

I would consider myself privileged to work with him again, and highly recommend him to others as well.

- Jamie Howard, COO at Slingshot

Jeremy is an extremely bright and capable person. He consistently steps up to take on tough development challenges and his focus on work is outstanding. Jeremy's development skills are very senior and I can easily recommend him for his ability to push through important projects.

- Bryan (Andy) Weaver, Advanced Scrum Master