First and foremost, I'm a Christian. I wanted a site where I could not only focus on my career journey, but the journey I take through the rest of life as well.

I'm what is known as an "oversharer" on sites like Twitter. Considering this is my personal web site there's also a 99.9% chance I'll "overshare" here too.

I'm not to be confused with the Jeremy Brayton from Nebraska, please. If it is you that happened to make it here, sorry for encroaching on your online territory. Just think of me as the nerdy one.

I've carefully groomed my online persona starting in my BBS days way back in '93 but don't let that fool you, in person I'm nowhere near as rough. I like to play guitar by ear, most of which has been self taught other than a friend named Dane showing me power chords and how to tune it. "I have a bass" is almost as far as I've gotten playing it. I've been interested in Video Games ever since I played my first one on an Atari 2600 so thinking about heading down the XNA path to create games on the Xbox 360 seemed like a logical choice.

I've been known to be active in various various SalesLogix communities in the past, though my participation dwindled as I became less involved with development. I've always thought of SalesLogix CRM as Act! on steroids and in the course of using it for over 9 years that never changed. It is a huge barrier to entry for the small business I was employed at but the community made tackling a lot of huge problems easy.

I've taken a recent liking to the Stack Overflow crowd as it serves that itch to help people solve programming problems. I generally don't ask questions there not because I don't have them but it is largely due to great answers already given. Most of the time I can also gain a little nugget of gold from some arbitrary posting like enhancing domain knowledge or testability.

I've been going to #XNA on the EFNet network in IRC probably since the framework was at version 1.0 give or take a beta. I had hoped to start my own path of game development but I never could find enough hours to spend working on any particular idea so far. One goal of this web site is to hopefully help change that.

I do have an existing blog I kind of let die over at Geekswithblogs uses Subtext which is a great blogging platform but there was something missing. I partially lost investment. I felt like I was whining and my posts primarily revolved around IT or development or some personal feeling. I wanted to keep the last two and hopefully tone down the suck.