A kiosk application designed for fans at the Ralph Engelstad Arena to view the roster, profiles, highlights, interviews, championships and awards of the 2013-2014 men and women's University of North Dakota Hockey teams.

Created as Software Engineer at Intouch Interactive.

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About this project

This project was requested by the customer to provide information for the upcoming 2013-2014 season of University of North Dakota Hockey. Kiosks were distributed throughout the Ralph Engelstad Arena for fans to utilize.

The primary user experience was a single page application (SPA) coupled with JavaScript routing to facilitate navigation. A custom keyboard was implemented in HTML and JavaScript over utilizing SiteKiosk's keyboard functionality. This made for better integration with input pages. HTML5's video capabilities made creating an integrated video playback a breeze. Pages were relatively straightforward and Intouch's in-house framework made creating an experience that adhered to the overall design.

A lightweight in-house CMS was utilized to allow the customer to manipulate roster data and other sections of information. Uploading sections allowed for pushing image and video slideshow files to their respective directories.

Technical sheet

Technologies used on this project

  • General concepts
    • UI/UX Design
    • UI/UX Architecture
    • UI/UX Animations
    • HTML5 – semantic, video
    • CSS2
  • Application-specific
    • Developed for IE 9 using SiteKiosk v8.7
    • Single Page Application (SPA) with JavaScript routing
    • PHP Framework developed internally by Daniel Person and Tyler Dotson
    • jQuery v1.8
    • jQuery UI v1.10
    • Moment.js v2.0