Orange Materials

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The Orange Materials website is a platform for delivering digital materials to users, such as videos, documents, or images associated with reThink events or promotions. The updated version addresses previous technical issues, such as bottlenecks in serving files and generating user content, and seeks to streamline the content creation process and enhance customer engagement.

Created as a Senior Software Engineer at The reThinkGroup, Inc.

Table of Contents

About this project

For this project, my coworker and I were responsible for updating the website that delivers digital materials for the Orange Conference 2014. We chose to rewrite the site in Laravel 6 to leverage Laravel Nova which allowed us to streamline administrative content creation and improve customer engagement by reducing technical debt.

Two main challenges needed addressing from the previous version of the website. First, we improved the performance of file streaming and downloads by using Digital Ocean Spaces with CDN instead of the s3fs-fuse filesystem driver connected to Wasabi. This allowed us to serve files directly to browsers and significantly reduce support incidents. Second, a user interface redesign allowed content to leverage MySQL to be more memory-bound versus model operations that were CPU-bound.

To improve navigation and decrease page load times, we built a single-page application using Vue.js that hit multiple API endpoints simultaneously. This reduced page load times from over 6 seconds to milliseconds per call. While the number of individual API calls increased, as a result, implementing caching strategies would further enhance the user experience.

Skills Demonstrated

  • Proficiency in Laravel 6 and quickly made sense of Laravel Nova for building and managing websites.
  • Familiarity with Vue.js for building robust single-page applications.
  • Strong problem-solving skills in addressing technical challenges and reducing support incidents.
  • Ability to improve performance and reduce page load times by implementing caching strategies.
  • Experience with optimizing file streaming and downloads using Digital Ocean Spaces and CDN.
  • Knowledge of using MySQL for improving memory efficiency.
  • Established staging and production environments.
  • Set up continuous deployment using GitLab CI and Laravel Forge.

Technical sheet

Technologies used on this project

  • General concepts

    • UI/UX Design
    • UI/UX Architecture
    • HTML5 (semantic)
    • CSS3 (preprocessed with SASS)
  • Infrastructure

    • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
    • PHP v7.4
    • MariaDB v10.3
    • Nginx v1.18
    • Redis v5.0
  • Application-specific

    • Laravel Framework v6.2
    • Laravel Nova v2
    • Laravel Telescope v2
    • TailwindCSS v1.1
    • Vue v2.6
    • Vue Router v3.1
    • Continuous Delivery via Gitlab CI and Laravel Forge


User Interface


Login page when we haven't authenticated yet.

Login page


Landing page after authenticating to instruct users to unlock and navigate to their purchased content.

Start page

Next 2020 Event

This is the FINAL Audio Files category page for the NEXT 2020 event. This showcases the streaming audio player.

NEXT 2020 event page

Camp Kid Jam Event

This is the FLORIDA category page for the Camp Kid Jam event. This showcases the streaming video player.

Camp Kid Jam event page with a video of a kid bustin' some sweet moves.

Laravel Nova Admin

Listing Buckets

Viewing, filtering, and sorting the listing of event buckets.

Listing buckets in the admin CMS

Bucket Details

Viewing the event bucket details as well as create, edit, view, filter and sort the bucket's categories information.

NEXT 2020 bucket details in the admin CMS

Category Details

Viewing the NEXT 2020 bucket category details as well as create, edit, view, filter and sort the category's materials information.

NEXT 2020 category details in the admin CMS

Material Details

Viewing the NEXT 2020 FINAL Audio Files category material details as well as create, edit, view, filter and sort the material's assets information.

NEXT 2020 FINAL Audio Files material details in the admin CMS

Code Type Details

Viewing the Digital Experience Guide code type details. This screen links all the associated categories to a particular code type as codes may unlock content across multiple or even all event buckets.

Digital Experience Guide code type details in the admin CMS

Listing Users

Viewing, filtering, and sorting the listing of users.

Listing users of the admin CMS