Journal Entry, July 26th to August 2nd 2019

August 2, 2019 · 1 min read


  1. Tue Jul 30

    • Laravel streaming upload from one filesystem (local/legacy) to another (spaces).

      $resource = \Storage::disk('legacy')->readStream($source);
      $status = \Storage::disk($this->disk)->put($destination, $resource, 'public');
      $sourceSize = \Storage::disk('legacy')->size($source);
      $destinationSize = \Storage::disk($this->disk)->size($destination);
  2. Wed Jul 31

    • It seems the disk cloud doesn't really coerce down to spaces or s3.
    • Required running the command using the disk reference itself: ./artisan convert:material-assets -d spaces --no-progress --reset


  1. Thu Aug 1

    • Chrome overrides to enable Vue devtools.

      • Open Chrome DevTools (cmd-opt-I)
      • Click Sources tab.
      • Click >> and select Overrides.
      • Click + Select folder for overrides.
      • Navigate to a directory to store your page overrides.
      • Chrome prompts with something like "DevTools requests full access to (directory)..." , click Allow.
      • Now that your overrides folder is setup, click Page under the sources tab to show the files for the page.
      • Navigate to the file you wish to save.
      • Right click and select Save for overrides. This places the file in a site/folder location.
      • Click the {} to pretty print the javascript.
      • Type Ctrl-F to show the find box.
      • Type in devtools and hit enter.
      • You should see an object named H or something unique to each compiled instance. This object could be named absolutely anything.
      • You should see an entry marked something like:
         productionTip: !1, 
         devtools: !1,
         performance: !1,
      • Change the devtools line from !1 to 1 for true.
      • Type Ctrl-S to save the changes.
      • Reload the page and look for the Vue tab. It may take a few reloads for everything to initialize properly.
      • Inspect your production Vue instance like a boss.