Desktop Applications

Portal Instance Creator

This was my first major project, built in Delphi 7 with the goal to be for someone other than myself to handle the full creation of HTML pages from XML/XSLT for our custom Portal. The application only got to the XML creation stage due to the fact that the XSLT and subsequent HTML files changed a little too much. I ultimately became the only one using it as well which is unfortunate but it did a great job and had almost no bugs.


Created as a companion for the Portal app, I had a request to generate strong plaintext passwords but I wanted more control over how they were created. This was created in C# 1.1 using SharpDevelop. The project taught me the nature of Random and how it was time based, i.e. using 2 random generators always yielded the same results. The solution was to simply create one of them and reuse as needed. I also made sure to exhaust every alphanumeric character before starting over so a password didn't have the same combination too close together. Other password generators at the time (over 7 years ago now) seemed to produce passwords that didn't seem very random. Another ambitious project as I had hoped to generate hashes and encrypted passwords but never got to them. Now a program like KeePass has a great password generator so I didn't need to bother any more.

Package Converter

This was a purely personal project to convert .001, .002, .003, etc files into the .rar equivalent. Created in C# 1.1 using SharpDevelop. At the time the zip/rar extractors I used either didn't handle the .001 extension at all or did so very poorly. I allowed drag & drop to the File Collection textbox which was exceptionally easy to implement and was a lot better than a Browse button.

Application Notification Service

This has been my most complete WinForms project to date. I used ADO.NET, XML for caching, and System.Net.Mail for SMTP sending. Created in C# 2.0 using SharpDevelop. This was initially created as a monitoring tool for multiple applications but it ultimately only handled SalesLogix tickets. The program would scan the SalesLogix database for overdue tickets and alert customer service based on some basic rules.