Account Contracts

Keep track of information signed in contracts with customers. Mimics Ticket Area/Category/Issue control as Type->SubType->Stage->Activity chain to determine the progress of each item. The check button completes a stage or activity and adds it to the child grid control to act as history. Perpetual checkbox means this item is ongoing and doesn't really have a defined start and finish.

Account Leads

Create a lead mirror between two customers. Leads are given to or taken from customers to form a basic association without using the associations tab (that is for parent/child companies). Defines the status and the reason it closed like poor service.

Account Services

Track 3rd and 1st party service offerings as well as basic progress. Type drop-down changes to the active panel so each specific service has different data that is visible and applicable.

Insurance Policies -- Group

Insurance policy information for entire companies. Type drop-down mimics Account Services but a lot more panels are shown based on the order of use. Data that is shared among types float to the top while specific panels are at the bottom. Just about every type has a child grid with data associated. For instance, the medical type has multiple plans (HMO, PPO, POS) that all live within the child grid but share the policy.

Insurance Policies -- Individual

Insurance policy information for individuals. Behavior copied exactly from group customization with the only difference being the data stored. There are no child tables as an individual typically has only one plan per type. Multiple plans can be added by just using a duplicate type without any penalty.

Opportunity Quote Out

By far the largest customization produced. Uses Word automation to generate a very specific document using bookmarks and tables. An almost 1:1 copy of insurance policy data is kept in the event that it needs to be altered for a renewal. To prevent having to enter this information by hand, the policy transfer screen is used to copy data to the appropriate tables.

Carrier data is updated as each quote is sent to keep track of resends or to mark when one is returned. Carriers can be imported automatically based on the types selected.

The send screen allows easy email attachment of relevant SalesLogix attachments or the ability to add new files. The internet checkbox is used to keep track of web-based quotes without generating Outlook messages. Outlook messages are only generated and not sent per user request so the user can verify they are correct before blindly sending them out.

Underwriting -- Individual

Maintain underwriting information as well as keep track of the activities involved in working a case from start to finish. The activity button creates a prepared activity linked to the specific contact to curtail extra data entry.