Create brochure content for events and campaigns to be utilized by the companion iPad app.

Created as Software Engineer at The reThinkGroup, Inc.

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About this project

This project was conceived after the brochure app already defined its data structure, with Laravel handling the existing tables with no issues. Content creators needed a way to manipulate the events, campaigns and brochures as opposed to emailing content that needed to be manually inserted into the underlying database tables multiple times per year.

A typical server-side Laravel application where each route returned the full page, with jQuery handling minor JavaScript manipulation like delete modals. DataTables handled the bulk of the workload, encapsulating list views, exporting, sorting and filtering. TinyMCE facilitated editing the brochure's HTML, the primary content emailed to customers that requested the brochures during various events.

API endpoints were created and documented via Swagger to deprecate the Slim Framework implementation responsible for handling the iPad app requests.

Technical sheet

Technologies used on this project

  • General concepts
    • UI/UX Design
    • UI/UX Architecture
    • UI/UX Animations
    • HTML5 – semantic
    • CSS3 – preprocessed with SASS
  • Application-specific
    • Laravel Framework v5.2
    • AdminLTE Control Panel Template
    • DataTables v1.10
      • Export to Excel/CSV/PDF
    • Bootstrap v3.3
    • jQuery v1.12
    • Swagger v2